Indian Modular Kitchens: Design Aesthetics

Modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and in almost every Indian city is facing a bit of a sales surge since the past few years. The problem though arises, once they buy one.

While nothing is functionally better than a modular kitchen, it’s not something that usually accounts for the first impression of any modular kitchen. For someone to buy one of these, a person would have most probably, looked at one of the pictures of a great modular kitchen in a highly popular magazine. They would have been swept off the floor, and practically swooned by the pictures of the most beautiful, sophisticated, and extremely elegant kitchens from around the world in interior design magazines, on one of the hundreds of home design websites on the Internet, and such.

So, their shock on not being able to replicate that elegance in their own houses is not surprising. They sometimes feel cheated. And therefore, just like the design aspects of any space need to be considered and discussed with everyone, you also need to devote a lot of your time and creative sense into the aesthetic aspect of your kitchen

Here are few tips for these Indian modular kitchen owners, who are looking to improve both the aesthetics and the utility of their kitchens:

  • Basket units are wonderful accessory to have; only don’t have too many of them. Know exactly what things would go into a kitchen pullout basket, and accordingly decide on how many of these would you need.
  • If you have a small apartment, and therefore a smaller kitchen, like one that is lesser than 80sqft, do not try to fit in your fridge in there too!
  • In each of the counters below your countertop, the shelves inside should be removable. So then, if you ever want to fit in a container that’s tall, you can easily make space for the container by removing one or two shelves.
  • You could also go for open shelves. For the things that you need regularly and frequently every day, you’d do better with not having to open and close cabinet doors again and again. Also, open shelves easily make a kitchen look modern and contemporary.
  • You can make your cleaning easier and of course, make your kitchen look rather beautiful by applying a gloss finish. Though it’s a little hard on pockets, it would be totally worth it.
  • Go for door handles that are longer, or even profile handles would be a good choice. The latter would definitely make your kitchen look richer.
  • While this is what we Indians commonly do, but just a reminder - have a false partition below your sink to store the detergent, washing powders, scrubs, and such other supplies.
With the evermore popping modular kitchens in Kochi, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and everywhere around the country, we’d say these easy steps would make your life both aesthetically and functionally better in your kitchen!

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