Getting a Second MBA from India - Good or No Good?

Every year, students from an MBA college in Gujarat, or a b-school in some other Indian state, either immediately after or after working for a few years think of returning to school and getting a second degree in management. It's a phenomenon that has been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years, and we think it’s a trend that will only further help both students as well as their future employers.

The Questions is - Is it Viable?

To that question, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. It is very viable to go for a second business degree here in India, and from an Indian university too. Many of the business schools that play in the top rung of the list of management schools here, have people coming in from various backgrounds and industries, wanting to get a degree in management, for a second time. So, even if it’s not something that you see everyone doing all the time, it’s still not something unheard of. The reasons for this are quite simple, and most of them are similar to why one would opt for an MBA even the first time - career change, a big hike in salary, and so on. Other than that, a second degree is all about learning in a different way, a better way, and learning better things.

With Maturity, Come Certain Advantages

A second degree makes mature - you’re no longer new to this game, not after having spent two years rigorously studying, making presentations, brainstorming case studies, searching for internships, getting those internships, participating in some way seminars, workshops, and wow! The list just doesn’t end, now does it? To be asked if you’d it all, all over again - if you answer in the affirmative to the question, know that it will be both easy and difficult a path from hereon. Easy, because as we said, rarely will you come across something in terms of the whole b-school experience that will be so new that you won’t know how to deal with it. But it will be difficult, because of the amount of work and effort you’d have to put in this time. It’s good you’d know a thing or two about hard work by now because that knowledge is what will get you through this another set of MBA experience.

What Would You be Gaining if You get Your Second MBA in India?

  • As fancy as an International degree in business would look on your resume, the fact is that India too has a great many b-schools which feature in the global list of the best. Our very own MBA college in Gujarat - IIM Ahmedabad is a grand example of just that. It would be wrong to put all the universities and b-schools in just one box, and saying that they’re all bad because India's Education system lacks a lot compared to the good universities of the world. Our education system might need a boost, but we still have institutions that have proved to be excellent, time and again.
  • An International degree would far too expensive. It would put a lot of pressure on you once you are done with your degree and out in the job market. And the pressure would seem unnecessary at the time, as you could get a grand education in India itself, at a far lesser cost.
  • If you just want to get this degree, and do not plan to stay abroad afterward, a degree from India would be a great option. Not just the fee and other expenses, but as far as jobs in the Indian market are concerned, you would do great if you study here. Indian universities and b-schools are better equipped at teaching everything there’s to know about the Indian market, than any university abroad.